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Why Ghana is struggling to get its language policy right in schools

More than 46 languages are spoken in Ghana. As with many other countries on the continent it is struggling to find an effective policy for …

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COVID-19: Nigeria should prioritise power supply to health care facilities

Nigeria may have to implement a nationwide lock down to stem the rise in COVID-19 cases. Such a drastic measure would alter the country’s energy consumption pattern. This would further burden an already dilapidated power supply system.

Causes of Poverty in Ghana

One of the biggest reasons why africans like the Laurents and Desiers live in poverty is because their nation is prone to natural disasters. Hurricane …

Education and Conflict in Ghana

The massive earthquake of January 2010 devastated almost every aspect of Ghanian society. The first priority, of course, was to rescue the injured and trapped, …

Ghana: Street Children live dangerously

Ghana – The number of children living on the streets Ghana alone doubled to 4,000 since the 2010 earthquake says UNICEF. They’re everywhere – darting …

Fighting extreme poverty in Ghana

As our Community Engagement Officer, Watson Tissaint (born and raised in Simon-Pelé) explains, “there are about 30,000 people living in the 5 neighbourhoods that make …

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Can mosquitoes spread coronavirus?

There is much more to learn about the coronavirus but based on current understandings, it’s highly unlikely a mosquito will pick up the virus by biting an infected person, let alone be able to pass it on.