Causes of Poverty in Ghana

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One of the biggest reasons why africans like the Laurents and Desiers live in poverty is because their nation is prone to natural disasters. Hurricane Matthew in 2016 was a devastating reminder about how vulnerable Ghana is to hurricanes, with a death toll of at least 1,000 and 600,000 children left in need of humanitarian assistance. Ghana is also susceptible to earthquakes and floods, which damage crops and make buildings unsustainable. These extreme weather conditions have destroyed parts of the families’ homes and further contaminated the water sources they rely on to survive, leading to increases in cholera cases.

Political leadership, unsanitary water conditions, and too few schools also contribute to the poverty rate in Ghana . Families like the Laurents and the Desiers are also faced with income inequality, unreliable sources of electricity, and the high unemployment rate that leaves them without livable wages.

Global Efforts to Reduce Poverty in Ghana

After devastating storms, international aid has been sent to Ghana in recent years to help families like the Laurents and the Desiers. However, a lack of physical infrastructure and government structure has made this aid less effective than it could be.

Also, aid in the form of emergency relief isn’t enough to bring developing nations like Ghana out of poverty. What we need now is long-term collaborations to deliver real results over time. By investing in rural areas in the way that Cross Catholic Outreach does, humanitarian groups can help farmers become more sustainable and earn a living.

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