About Us

The PeFHED Story

Back in 2015, the Peoples Foundation for Health and Education Development started out with only one team member. Over a period of six months, we  grew with a truly international team from Europe through the West and to Africa –and still growing. We’ve grown at a very snail pace and rightly so that we can put in place the proper structures for take off and maximum impact. Everyone at PeFHED is a volunteer. Right from the Board Chair to the community volunteer, no one draws a monthly salary. That is the remarkable commitment of the team that inspires our growth. We pride ourselves in the fact that this organization is led by young people of integrity whose commitment to selfless service to humanity is simply amazing. 

Our story is an evolving one, and we want to invite you to collaborate with us by supporting our work, and being part of our bigger story, yet untold.


Hayley Bron, Board Chair

Our Mission

Our mission is to help save lives; and shape the destinies of people most in need, and who dwell mostly in rural and peri-urban communities, by empowering them with education and health resources to make the most out of the little they have.

The VALUES we stand for


We are most committed to being transparent and accountable to:

  • Our donors and supporters;
  • beneficiaries and  stakeholders;
  • Communities we serve; about our finances and work.

We solemnly uphold the dignity and rights of the people and communities we serve, and we strife to ensure that throughout our work, communities and beneficiaries are truly respected for who they are, and not what they lack. 


We are committed to doing the right thing even if no one is watching as we care deeply of our reputation and future. 

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